Established 2000 years ago in Crasonas. A theocratic human city built on land blessed by the gods, it is ruled by King Therion. Power is delegated to the Scions. The city is overflowing with magic, due to the blessing, and all citizens have meager magical capabilities. Thesadonia grows not by expansion and population growth, but by annexation of other human cities.

Once the city was established, it was soon discovered that the divine blessing would disperse if not contained. Fearing this, the 12th Scion Council erected a great barrier around Thesadonia. This halted the dispersion, but physical movement through the barrier was impossible. Thesadonia and its people were trapped.

A generation passed before the Academy developed the requisite magic to teleport beyond the barrier.

Thesadonia has little need for imported food. Everyone down to the poorest beggar knows how to call up a meal through magic, and the population hovers around two million. The standard currency is a low level spell slot. Coinage is reserved for business with outsiders.


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